About Me

Unpredictable as a lightening strike, Crazy as a yoyo, Flout authority, Respect individuality, Hate hypocrites, Love Rain, open as an open book and mysterious as the Bermuda triangle, Social-cause fanatic, Bored Eccentric, Scrabble enthusiast, Amused with the wannabes, Disgusted of attractive girls who flaunt skin and curves but don't have even an ounce of brain. Alcoholic, Caffeine addict, in search of untarnished, unvarnished and unbiased happiness, a loner, intuitive, part-psychic, easily confused, etc. etc. Secret Ambition : To be a stand up comedian. Happy, funny, eccentric, gadget freak, a tad moody, star gazer, frivolous, carefree, independant, always there for my friends & humanity as a whole, student of life, mentor for some, spiritual, gastronomic, experimentative, crazy, adventuresome, homebody, an avid reader and web surfer, leader, follower, pacifist, cry baby, contradictory.......

Link to my professional profile :  http://in.linkedin.com/in/sunzeev
Link to my personal profile :       http://www.facebook.com/sanjeev.singoria