Monday, October 20, 2008

Investment Banking

Exterior Street
Frantic footsteps / worn out boots / woman running / then walking / then pausing to light a smoke / gently wiping a stray tear from her flushed cheek.
Back to frantic footsteps / sprinting / jumping over imaginary hurdles.

It was a hot day in Bombay that day. So hot that each train of thought collided with another leaving behind sweaty, enraged passengers; cussing, swearing, mutilating.

At the chemist…
she: bhaisaab aapke paas woh home pregnancy test hai?
He looks at her a couple times labeling her as a ‘loose goose’ and hands her ‘the kit.’
“Thank you.”
He ignores her.

Running footsteps lead her straight into the bathroom at the nearest restaurant. The instructions say best to check with morning urine, she cannot wait.

A positive sign flashes in front of her face as she stands in front of the mirror rubbing her belly.

She smiles / without emotion. Yup an act she had mastered!
And breaks down completely..
“there is never a good reason to kill someone so why start now?”
she squeals laughing crying screaming……
hush little baby…don’t you cry…everything’s gonna be alright..”

Interior Doctor’s Office
3 pregnant women stared at her intently. Her chaos had their bellies kicking. She sat patiently / fiddling with her pack of cigarettes. She could feel the stares now. Pregnant women need to relax a bit sometimes. The sight of a nicotine pack had their waters breaking.
She is patient. As patient as a patient is expected to be. She notices one of the pregnant chicks caressing her belly.

She smiles / without emotion.

she: doc….im pregnant…
doc: when was the last time you had your period?.
she: dunno…2 months ago…I just did a home pregnancy test and it said positive.
doc: we’ll do a urine test as well to be sure. Congratulations…you’ve wanted a baby for a while.
she (blushing): I know…but I think I’m gonna have an abortion…my husband and I just broke up.
doc: you sure???? You’ve had 2 abortions and a miscarriage in the past. I don’t think it’s a good idea.
she: instead of having a surgical procedure, can you prescribe me pills that will abort the child at home.
doc: I can do that, but its quite painful.
she: I think I can handle it…

Early morning
Interior her room

She lights a candle and takes the pill.
Shots of her naked in front of the mirror, in bed, on her desk, in the kitchen…prancing…rubbing her belly…
She falls to the floor when the crams hit and howls out loud.
Half an hour later…the deed is done.

It’s done.

Time passes.

Frantic footsteps…worn out boots….running….

Interiors Doctors office:
she: doc, how does a sperm bank work?
doc: you just had an abortion four months ago.
she: I know, but I feel I’m ready….i wanna have a child…I wanna have one with no strings attached…
doc: you sure? This is not a game.
she: I know, I know…So tell me, can I see the pictures of the donors and pick who I like.
doc: no you can’t do that. But you can tell me your qualifications and ill try to match as many as possible.
she: just like that….i mean … I make a list and you find me a father…
Doc: you said no strings attached…right?

She smiles / without emotion.

Frantic footsteps….run out of the office…running / prancing / walking / strutting / making a mental list..
blue eyes green eyes
brown eyes
tall scientist
Musician lean artist
shoe designer rich

The footsteps stop…..confused…

It was important for her to see the face. Call her old fashioned, but she could not relate to a list.

Facebook Status:
She is “looking for the perfect sperm. No strings attached. Interested donors inbox me.” Ps…this is not an invitation to have sex...random guys trying to pick me up…don’t bother!

Hello she,
I would love to impregnate you baby….blah blah blah

Dear she,
I am an engineer making decent money. I own my flat and live with my parents and 3 siblings. I would love to make love to you and give you a baby…..

Lets go…

Frantic footsteps sprinted all the way to the sperm bank.
handsome 25 27 35 31

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