Friday, March 7, 2008

are we DIFFERENT???

WE are the same, yet we are different

Oh why can't you see, our hearts that both beat, rhythmically.

We have one body to hold it with,

to nurture our soul, and life's precious gift.

We have two legs, for our heart to travel

With two feet to strike along the path of dirt and gravel.

We have two arms to spread wide or hold,

we have two hands to make our statement bold.

We have one head, two eyes and a mouth.

to see to speak to experience others

that travel north or transverse south.

"Ah my friend, you see only the same

But it's difference that must be explained."

"To true, " Says I, "For I only see,

one difference, only one difference that matters to me.

We each hold a difference, that does ring to true

My difference is not the same as it is for you.

For I think for my self. My life, my dreams.

Hopes and happiness, and enjoying things

That is what is different, that is what is important for me

and it's with that thought that I hold the key.

to the principle we call


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